Professional partners

For the success of your project, I work in collaboration with other professionals.

  • thermal design offices
  • approved chimney sweeps
  • suppliers of quality firewood
  • The French Ramonage Federation (FFR)
  • The Swiss Pans Association (VHP)
  • The Association of Austrian Frying Pans (Essereichkachelofenverband)
  • fellow artisan-workers who work in the same spirit
  • Colleagues suppliers
  • green building professionals
  • health care and pollution professionals in housing
  • aid associations, training and advice
  • Craftsmanship of Art

Thermal design offices

Thermicians are for us the architects of today's thermal comfort. Their intervention allows you to be effective:

  • As part of a renovation, they can already by a thermography, allow you to treat insulation where it is really needed, highlighting all thermal bridges.

  • In the context of a major renovation, or a new construction, they can also by a dynamic thermal study allow you to test several different renovation scenarios (indoor or outdoor insulation, different thicknesses of insulation) and to "know" in advance the behavior of your home in summer as well as in winter in terms of temperature and thermal comfort. This will allow you to efficiently choose the technical solutions that best suit your desires, your needs, your budget…

  • All the knowledge they bring you will allow you to choose well and knowingly about causes, and thus to be much more aware during your exchanges with professionals. This will give you back control of your construction site, and make precise requests to the craftsmen: thickness of insulation, precise technique, heating power … This will allow you to save money by avoiding insulation over-thickers, for example, and above all to be almost sure that your comfort dreams will become real.

  • The thermal study will also help the craftsmen who will work for you. For us, the thermal study defines the power needed for the stove, and therefore allows us to size the stove to the exactest of your needs.


intervention zone


Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne

Fabien – INCUB' Study Office

Approved chimney sweeps

The chimney sweeps are your preferred partners for your comfort and safety. In the Middle Ages, large, devastating fires appeared in cities. Thanks to the chimney sweep and his work, many fires were prevented and so many families were kept from misfortune and poverty. Even today, the chimney sweep protects us from fires and helps us to respect the protection of the environment by lowering emissions and using energy optimally.

  • Before the stove is made, in case of an existing duct, they guarantee the good condition of your chimney duct to receive a stove.

  • After the stove is put into service, during regular and mandatory cleaning (see the typical departmental health regulation available from the prefecture vote in order to know the minimum periodicity of sweeping defined by law), the chimney sweep contributes to the optimal efficiency of the heating and saves fuel and money: A layer of soot 1.5 mm thick produces a fuel consumption supplement of about 6%. Your chimney sweep advises you on all issues and problems related to heating installations and provides you with information on fire protection, energy savings and user behaviour.

  • The stoves we design and manufacture are appreciated by chimney sweepers because they guarantee the absence of a fireplace. There is only one condition: use dry wood according to the instructions. However, the stove and chimney duct must be inspected every year, just as the law recommends.



intervention zone


Confederation of Savoyards Ramoneurs


I recommend that you get in touch with the Confederation of Savoy Ramoneurs, which works for the professionalization of this profession (training of 2 years), and which will guide you towards competent and conscientious professionals.

Company Chablais Ramonage
in Viuz-en Sallaz


This company is the creation of Patrick Converset, passionate and exciting professional, who combines the functions of chimney sweeper-fumist, trainer in smoke, editor of DTU 24.1 (Fumisterie). Patrick is one of our expert partners who help us improve. We cannot advise you to call on his services if you live in the vicinity of Annemasse, Bonneville.


Hervé Gérente-Paquet is a quality chimney sweeper who, as an expert, will accompany you to monitor the compliance of your installations. Its website is very informative about regulations.

Suppliers of quality firewood

Having quality wood is essential for the proper operation of your stove. The stoves we design accept all wood species: softwoods are as suitable as hardwoods such as beech, charm, or oak.In any case, it is essential that the wood be dry, i.e. with a humidity level of less than 20%. This applies regardless of the type of wood-fired heating. Similarly, it is preferable for the wood to come from trees felled in the right season, i.e. when the tree is descending sap. If you don't cut your own wood, we offer firewood suppliers who work in accordance with the rules of the art, and who will also guide you and serve you to have a perfect wood for your stove. This list is non-exhaustive.


intervention zone


Isère, drôme

Barraquand – SAS

Equipped with a solar dryer, this company guarantees a wood with less than 20% humidity

Tel: – Fax:

The French Ramonage Federation (FFR)

This federation works to develop the professionalism of the chimney sweeping profession. Wood fire is a member. If you are a chimney sweeper and would like to share your knowledge, your experiences and know the latest techniques and legislation, we invite you to join the French Ramonage Federation.

The Swiss Pans Association (VHP)

This association has existed since 1889, has a school, and has the sympathy to bring back to France a secular and reliable knowledge. We work closely with them.

The Association of Austrian Frying Pans (Essereichkachelofenverband)

This association has been in existence since 1953. We work in collaboration with this association which has played a major part in bringing the frying pan into the engineering age.

The techniques we use are derived from research by Swiss, Austrian and German schools. Thank you to them for accompanying us in the long learning of these techniques so that we can finally offer such a service in France.


Fellow artisan-workers working in the same spirit

I must start by thanking the team of, Jérôme Prévieux and Jérôme Chapelle. Since February 2013, they have trained me and continue to accompany me for the successful implementation of my projects.
Together, we love being able to share experiences with fellow craftsmen who also make custom mass stoves. Our job is young in France, but we believe that it is through exchange and trust that we will be able to sustain this profession. We hope that the mass stove will enter French culture and that there will one day be several frying pans per department.

Here you will find the names of the frying pans we know who, like us, design and mason fully the stoves, practice a comprehensive approach to the building, and systematically test the stoves they make. To be a frying pan means to have a personalized listening of the inhabitants (functional needs and aesthetics), it is to take into account the need for heating for the house and it is also to ensure efficiency (high efficiency, low temperature of fumes coming out of stove, low pollution …) as much out of respect for the people who trust us, as well as out of respect for our environment.



intervention zone


Rhône Alpes and Normandy

The team carries the tradition of flame in modernity. For me, it represents the professionalism of the skill-smoker's profession in France and qualitatively accompanies the new generation of frying pans.


Pascal Wehrlen


President of the French pan-frying federation, he makes beautiful earthenware stoves. He is also a fumigant trainer

Peter Frei

All Of Switzerland, preferably Burgundy, Alsace

Peter is one of Switzerland's greatest master fryers. Jérôme Prévieux was able to learn with him the techniques of Grundofen, which is the mass stove used in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Thanks to him, we can now offer you stoves of this style. Peter can carry out one project a year in France.

Cyril Bouvier

All of France with a preference for the South-West

Cyril did his apprenticeship in the United States with Albie Barden, and developed his own stove models upon his return to the Gers where he lives.

Thomas Michael Worst

Central Region

He works for the culture of fire with great experience

François Gourhand


I work with François to make mass stoves

Colleagues suppliers



Intervention zone



Saint Vallier (26)

With more than 100 years of experience, their products respond to technical criteria that ensure me perfect quality.



The quality of its stainless steel smoke ducts makes it an essential partner



The quality of its cast iron hardware makes it an essential partner

Green building professionals

Below, you will find a list of companies whose professional approach we appreciate and which combine respect for technique and humanity, efficiency and aesthetics. On some projects, we call on their high level of achievement for plasters, dressing stone, saracen vault stairs…



Intervention zone


Johan Despres

Saint Stephen

Specializing in adobe construction and more generally in raw earth construction, he carries out quality projects and also accompanies self-construction

L. Marmonier

Natural masonry

Poliènas 38210

Ancient Masonry, Solivage Powder, High Performance Insulation

Health and pollution professionals in housing

A house is the intimate place where you rest, restore yourself, recharge… In recent years, most houses have been polluted by various sources: chemical (VOC), radioactive (Radon), magnetic (CEM). The health consequences can be serious. Here are the addresses of professionals who help you diagnose and remedy possible pollution.


Intervention zone


All of France

An organization specializing in the information, diagnosis, and remediation of radon pollution, a powerful carcinogen affecting all of France, with the regions of Brittany and Auvergne in particular

Aid, training and counselling associations

Addresses of associations with a professional approach.


Intervention zone


All of France

Training, accompaniment to self-construction, achievements, specialized in isolated houses in straw boots and earth coatings

Craftsmanship of Art



Intervention zone


Precision Sharpening

Saint Vallier (26)

A high-precision professional sharpening service
Workshop Henri CANIN Grenoble (38) Bottier Coordinator – Mountain Specialist
Liotard Sylvain Rehabilitous barrels and lightning boltsEbenisterie