Innovative ecological heating

Clean combustion

Clean combustion is guaranteed by the custom design of the stoves and is certified by the Austrian Frying Arts Research Institute, VFH, which is Austria’s largest wood combustion laboratory, and one of 15 accredited European laboratories in this field. This laboratory has been in existence for more than 90 years at the initiative of Austrian frying pans. More than 99% of the wood is burned.

The first condition is to have a sufficient amount of air in the fireplace. To compensate for a lack of air supply, it is recommended to install an outdoor air inflow specific to the stove in the following cases:

  • For a modern home (very airtight),
  • If a powerful VMC is present
  • If an aspiring hood is present

Nevertheless, in the majority of existing French houses, a simple arrival (grid in the wall) is sufficient. In any case, this point is studied during the pre-study.

Good combustion is characterized by low emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), organic carbon (GOC) and low emissions of fine particulate matter.

I guarantee the following performance:

Nature of emissions
(Mg/Nm3 rate)

Rate with software tested by the Vienna Institute of Technology


Standard NF 15544, 15250

Green flame level level 2015
5 stars

Green flame level level 2020
7 stars

Limits Austria

Carbon monoxide (CO)

0.07 to 0.1%

0.12 %

0,3 %

0,12 %

0,13 %

Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

123 to 136



Volatile organic compounds (VOC, OGC)

45 to 116



Fine particles

27 to 48






> 78%

78 %

75 %

75 %

80 %

In short, clean and controlled combustion allows:

  • High stove efficiency
  • Savings in wood consumption,
  • Low impact on the environment: almost no smoke coming out of the chimney
  • Everyday comfort: one bucket of ashes per month.

The quality of combustion is guaranteed (NF EN 15544). My stoves are all calculated according to the specific parameters of your context:

  • The height, diameter and nature of the elements in your smoke duct
  • The altitude at which your home is located: the oxygen level varies with the altitude
  • Loss of loads from the carnals and the smoke duct
  • Climate data from your region: The draw will be different in a mild or harsh climate, or windy

My stoves are certified and free of particle filters.

I give you a technical file accompanying the manual at the end of the work, and I carry out several outbreaks with you to pass on the art of a good outbreak.


  • What is the CO (carbon monoxide) emission rate of the device?

The lower the rate, the cleaner the combustion and the higher the combustion efficiency. Our households guarantee CO levels of 0.04 and 0.08% (guarantees provided by the Vienna Institute of Technology in Austria).

  • What is the rate of fine particulate matter emissions?

Fine particles emitted by combustion are harmful to health (particles emitted by diesel engines). My stoves guarantee particulate emissions between 17 and 48 mg/m3. They therefore have the equivalence to the label “green flame 7 stars”.

  • What is the emission rate of NOx (nitrogen oxides)?

NOx is very harmful to health (40 times more than CO) and contributes to the “greenhouse effect”. NOx levels provide information on both combustion efficiency and non-pollution. The lower it is, the cleaner the combustion and the higher the efficiency. Our stoves guarantee NOx emissions of between 75 and 120 mg/m3 (see clean combustion part).

The lower the gas emissions, the cleaner the combustion (non-pollution) and the higher the yields.

  • What is the temperature of the smoke when you leave the unit?

A device performs well at an output smoke temperature of between 120 and 200 degrees Celsius. Below 120oC, there is a risk of condensation of fumes. If the combustion is incomplete, it can be dangerous.

High performance

My stoves have a useful efficiency between 78 and 92%. They are designed to have smoke temperatures coming out of the stove between 90 and 150 degrees Celsius (different setting depending on the duct). More heat is stored in the house thanks to better absorption efficiency.

In addition, the stoves are designed to burn up to 25 kg per hour; which is about 6 times faster than in a regular stove.

Finally, the efficiency is maximum because each stove is equipped with a near-waterproof closure system: as soon as the fire is finished, you can stop all hot air coming out of the chimney, and thus really conserve the heat of the outbreak in the house. This closure system can be automated, allowing you to start a flare in the morning at breakfast, and then go to work, the valve will manage the closure of the stove on your own.

Insurance and guarantees

The heart of my job is to mason to custom stoves to express and put at your service the best of wood fire. I am a technical tool to serve your needs and desires.

As a professional, I work with all insurance and guarantees:

  • A performance guarantee

My stoves meet the NF EN 15544 standard, the result of scientific work by the Vienna Institute of Technology in Austria. A certificate is given to you for each of my achievements.

  • A safety guarantee

The fumigating is carried out according to the rules defined by a Unified Technical Document (DTU 24.1). Fire hazards and waterproofing are assured.

  • Ten-year insurance

Ten-year insurance applies fully if:

    • The smoke is assured
    • The stove is insured
    • The slab supporting the stove is certified
Disvoiement of an EKA brand double-walled stainless smoke duct

Disvoiement of an insulated double-walled smoke duct (DPI) in stainless steel (thickness 6/10 mm)

As a smoker, I can provide the stove and the smoke. The strength of the slab must be calculated and certified by a structural design office or by a control office. If the cost of certification is excessive, the client’s liability is attested in writing. The slab must be implemented by a masonry company.

I only work under comprehensive insurance.


I work with traditional masonry-smoking techniques and materials. I use only healthy materials (clay, sand, refractory paper and cast iron), no cement, or other silicone.

Particular attention is paid to the architectural integration of the stove in the heart of the house: it is a real organ, it is part of the walls of the house…

My mass stoves are designed to last a lifetime, as part of the use recommended by the manual. If the materials tire, they are replaced, the stove is restored without touching the dressing.

The architecture of your home, the necessary heating power, your lifestyle, your tastes, the durability of the materials used are all parameters that make your stove unique and durable.

Smoke pipe

  • Is the device installed to the NF EN 13384 standard? 

This question deals with the quality of installation of the stove and the good consistency between the stove and the smoke duct. Indeed, the smoke duct is the engine of the stove: the larger the chimney (or smoke duct), the more powerful your stove has.

Each stove is designed to work properly with precise engine power. The power of a chimney is defined in Pascals (Pa). Generally, standardized stoves (industrial or artisanal) work well with a pulling power of around 12 Pa. However, the majority of chimneys have a draw of more than 30 Pa. During installation, the chimney draw must therefore be systematically adjusted to fit the stove. The NF EN 13384 standard is a rule of calculations that allows to verify that there is a balance between the draw of the smoke duct and the stove… Various technical means allow to obtain this balance: the reduction or enlargement of the diameter of the duct, the installation of a moderator of draw …

Warning: A stove designed for 75% in the laboratory, may only have 45% efficiency in your home if the chimney draw is not balanced with the heater. It’s a bit like buying a sports car equipped with either tractor tires (insufficient draw) or 2CV tires (over-stretching).

Our stoves are fully calculated according to your fireplace, the altitude of the house, and the climate of your area. We provide you with a certificate of compliance with this standard with the instructions.