Wood cooking stove

It is a compact stove that occupies a space of 1.23 cm long by 65 cm wide with oven and iron (optional heater). That works with a combustion chamber of 1 kilo of firewood, fast ignition and easy maintenance. The size of the plate is 70 cm x 35 (pot rings), and it has an oven box with dimensions of 22 cm high x 22 cm wide x 54 deep. The novelty of the stove is that it fulfills three functions with the same load of firewood: fry food, bake desserts, at the same time that water can be heated in its optional heater or cooking food in the other half of its griddle. The combustion chamber serves as an oven after the fires. We deliver plans and construction manual as part of the technology transfer.

To appropriate the stove, there is the user manual.

estufas de leña estufas de leña

This first model has been built for the cooperative of Las Cañadas.