Wood cooking stove with baking oven

The cooking stove with baking oven is appropriate technology that offers multiservices with the generated energy; It works to heat water, heat the space where it is used, and is used to cook without smoke in the kitchen, using firewood as fuel in a sustainable way, as well as the community’s food crops, making unusual combinations of vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, various tubers, eggs, cheese and meat, poultry, fish, bread and pizza! avoiding the use of fat and oil for cooking, thanks to the fact that baking promotes a healthy and sustainable way of cooking, taking advantage of firewood as fuel that is locally abundant in a sustainable way and with emission guarantees. The size of the oven. Width 92 cm. Depth 62 cm. Height 1.20 cm (on a recommended base of 40 cm high). The furnace body is a single piece of in-situ construction made from local building and masonry materials with a refractory capacity of at least 800oC without corroding, weakening or altering its shape. Ceramic combustion chamber (fired clay-brick) that ensures proper combustion of wood and prevents smoke leaks. The combustion chamber ensures firewood savings, efficiency of more than 75% when burning firewood -which means 75% of the firewood is energy that is used to cook and heat the kitchen- offering guarantees of emissions into the atmosphere, and prevents 99% indoor pollution by PM 2.5. The combustion chamber serves as an oven after the fires. It works with loads of 1 kg of firewood every 20 minutes! It has a box to bake food measuring 35 cm high (it can be higher), by 55 cm wide, by 55 cm deep. It has internal ducts to communicate the combustion gases in all the cooking areas of the oven box. Inside, the oven box has a 55cm circular plate that works as a support and food separator when cooking. This version, at the base of the fireplace, has a 25 liter turnkey water heater, to take advantage of the residual heat with the same use of firewood. The water heater is installed as the initial element of the chimney pipe, plus two lengths of 4-inch pipe made of sheet metal. To appropriate the oven, there is the user manual.


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