Comfort and health


Mass stoves have different positive health impacts:

  • Radiation

Their infrared radiation is cited in many studies as beneficial: positive effects on cholesterol, allergies, countervailing role of the lack of winter sun… With a mass stove, you have your own relaxation center at home. The heat by radiation is comparable to the heat received sheltered by a mild spring sun.

  • Muscle relaxation

Leaning against the sides of the stove, or sitting, lying on the warm benches allows a rapid relaxation and muscle relaxation (very pleasant especially at the back). The cat and the children will be able to show you the strategic points of the stove.

  • asthma

The low convective effect of the stoves and the relatively low surface temperatures (30 to 80 degrees Celsius) limit the amount of dust suspended in the air of the house. The atmosphere is healthier for people with asthma: mass stoves are recommended by the Asthma and Allergy League in Finland.

  • Humidity

Radiation, combined with low surface temperatures, avoids the phenomenon of air drying, maintains a good hygrometric balance in the house, and avoids, among other things, the drying of the mucous membranes.

  • Touch atmosphere

It’s a fact: people caress their stove…


Mass Poele - Comfort

Relaxing on the mass stove

  • Thermal comfort: gentle and pleasant radiant heat
  • Comfort in use: one load of wood per day!
  • Maintenance comfort: one bucket of ashes per month!
  • Visual comfort: the vision of fire

Others benefits


  • Energy savings
  • Possible quick return on investment (7 years)
  • Long-term return on investment thanks to exceptional sustainability
  • Autonomy from fluctuations in fossil fuel prices
  • Provides real added value in the event of a resale of the house

A tailor-made aesthetic

  • Pleasure to see the fire, with a glass that always stays clean
  • An aesthetic that suits you with a variety of shapes and materials
  • The shape of the stoves adapts to the building’s existing architecture
  • The mass stove is very suitable for rooms with large ceiling heights

Mass stove in the Allier

Mass stove in the Allier

Mass poele-cooker

Cooking mass stove in the Allier

  • Low-rise stoves allow light to pass through spaces
Poele-mass cooker double focus

Cooking mass stove with double combustion chamber Feudebois, Haute-Loire


  • Bespoke stove tailored to needs
  • The stove adapts to both off-season climates and the persistent cold of winter thanks to a large power adjustment ability
  • Works without electricity
  • Multifunction: heating, hot water, hot bench, baking sheets, salamander, bread oven, gratins, pizzas
  • The stove stays clean because the combustion is clean (even when using softwood)
  • No maintenance contract: the conventional sweep required by law is enough
  • Same efficiency, whether you burn hardwood or softwood
  • One to two buckets of ash per month (depending on your consumption and the nature of your wood)
  • You will know where to find your pets in winter, they will be curled up on the hot bench.
  • Children watch more fire than TV
Children play on stove

Children play on stove

  • We sleep with peace of mind: the stove will be hot in the morning thanks to the outbreak of the previous day
  • The stove caresses
  • A real bread oven and/or hot baking sheets all winter long for the pleasure of the taste buds


  • The chimney fire is impossible
  • The risk of burning children is minimal: just explain that the cast iron door is hot


  • Low wood consumption
  • Heating almost neutral in CO2 emissions
  • Very low pollution (fine particles, NOx, less than 0.15% CO)
  • Use of 100% durable materials with proven techniques
Waste from the construction of a custom mass stove with natural materials

Amounts of waste at the end of a construction site


The stoves we design require almost no maintenance. Just follow the following instructions:

  • Open the air inflow and the general valve of the stove.
  • Load your home with SEC wood (see video explaining how to load in the video section)
  • Light the fire: A single match should suffice.
  • Close the door.
  • After 30 to 90 minutes, the wood is completely burned.
  • Then close the pan valve so that you can keep the heat accumulated by the stove in your home.

NB: It is possible to install an automatic valve that will automatically manage the closure of the stove at the end of the outbreak.

If you use your stove correctly, the combustion will be as clean as your stove. The interview then consists of:

  • Empty the ashtray one to six times a winter (depending on the project)
  • Call and have your chimney sweep involved once or twice a year. Sweeping is required by law. Its frequency varies for each department. You can know the frequency you are concerned with the prefecture, your insurer or your chimney sweep.

The correct use of the stove makes it impossible to fire a fireplace. Clean combustion prevents the stove and chimney from becoming dirty, for the pleasure of your chimney sweeper.

For the sweep, we urge you to call on a qualified and professional chimney sweeper. You’ll find chimney sweep addresses in the partner section.

Intervention of the chimney sweep Hervé Gérente Mass stove package in Isère

Intervention of the chimney sweep Hervé Gérente Mass stove package in Isère


The stoves and stoves are used to cook.

You have an excellent oven with drooping heat (as in the traditional bread ovens of our villages) where you can cook pizzas, breads, gratins…

The first half hour after the outbreak will allow you to cook pizzas, cheese pies, onion…

Then you will have time to bake your bread and then you can chain two gratins or roasts.

Then you can cook slowly at low temperatures (e.g. jar cooking), put a pot on the fire in cooking for 8 hours, and get meat with increased tenderness.

And finally, if you let the stove cool down, you can even put plants to dry…

You can also put small pottery in the oven during the outbreak…

Slow cooking allows you to preserve the nutritional and taste qualities of food, to cook and go home while having a hot dish ready to enjoy in the oven.

All this with the inimitable scent of wood cooking…

As far as mass stoves are concerned, the cooking plates allow you to brown, simmer, sear… All the vocabulary of French cuisine goes through it. To adjust the heating power, you just have to move your dishes on the plates.


The mass stove or stove:

  • feeds daily on logs
  • requires a learning period: soaring, inertia
  • meets the same needs as central heating but is not self-contained in case of absence
  • hates damp wood
  • Space is needed for wood storage
  • You can be cold in other people
  • Having to move without being able to take the stove
  • The preferred place on the bench is always occupied by the cat or a child.