Tailored efficiency

Construction steps

What kind of house?

The mass stove can heat any home. It is suitable for both traditional and modern low-consumption homes. To give you an idea, here are several cases of real figures:

  • Unseoled stone house of 100 m2
    • Comfort is provided by a stove with a power of 7 kW with a daily fire and an estimated consumption of 8 steres.
  • Well-made straw house (so very well insulated) of 150 m2
    • The comfort (optimum in all rooms) is provided by a stove of 4 kW with a fire every 2 days at the height of winter and an estimated consumption of 3 steres.
  • BBC 140 sqm house
    • The comfort is ensured by a 3 kW stove with an estimated consumption of 1.5 steres.
  • Unseoled but well-protected brick house, 250m2
    • Comfort is assured with two stoves for a total of 14 kW, with a consumption of 14 beech steres.
  • Farm with thick stone walls at 1000 m altitude with 100 m2
    • The comfortably with a 6 kW stove with 1 daily fire on average and an estimated consumption of 10 steres. Because the stove is overused, it is necessary to provide insulation (thermal correction in hemp lime of at least 5 cm inside a stone wall) for a better durability of the stove
  • Castle of several hundred m2
    • Several stoves are needed

In conclusion, the mass stove adapts to all types of houses, except passive houses that do not need heating. However, it is not possible to establish a direct relationship between the power of the stove and the surface to be heated. A balance is essential between the power of the stove, the surface to be heated, the ratio of insulation and inertia of the house, the organization of the different rooms of the house, your lifestyle, and possibly other specific factors. A pre-study of each project is required.

Key features

  • Total home power: from 8 kW to more than 380 kW per 24 hours
  • Instant (average) stove power: 160 W to over 16 kW
  • Pan weight: 1 to more than 10 tons
  • Radiant area of the stove: 5 sqm to 25 sqm
  • Length of warm benches: from 1 m minimum to 16 meters
  • Size of fireplace suitable for logs from 33 cm to 1 meter
  • Height of the stove: from 85 cm to more than 3 meters
  • Aesthetics: multiple sidings (see different styles and the nuanced page)
  • Household loading: 1.2 kg to more than 40 kg per outbreak
  • Size of bread oven soles: 30 x 30 cm up to 85 cm x 85 cm
  • Number of outbreaks adapted to your lifestyle: one to three outbreaks per day
  • One outbreak per day may be enough for 24-hour heating

The diversity of stoves

Organic or contemporary, stretched or compact, in exposed bricks, stone or coated, high or low, AFeuxDoux mass stoves or stoves adapt to your tastes and the existing architecture of the building. photo gallery.

Related functions and services

  • The basic functions
    • a real bread oven made entirely of refractory bricks that allows all types of baking
    • one or more hot benches
    • a smoke duct departure in brick
  • Additional features and options
    • Cooking plates: the stoves become mass cookers
    • Production of sanitary hot water (ECS)
    • Production of hot water for heating
    • Extra bread oven (refractory brick or cast iron)
    • Satellite or sub-tellite: extension of the stove to the upper or lower floors of the house
    • Specific air inflow to the stove (with manual or automatic operation)
    • Automatic closing valves: you no longer have to wait for the outbreak to end, the stove is responsible for keeping the heat on its own.
    • Flat heater
    • Wood niche built into the stove
  • But also:
    • Living stove, which is also a stove on the other side of the living room wall
    • Stairway
    • Pan with 4 fireplaces connected to the same pipe, by more than 16 meters of benches! And so heat a very large reception hall.
    • heating bed, heated wall
    • Integrated masonry kitchen
    • A traditional fireplace transformed into a mass stove
    • a stove coated in earth with the tops of stone benches or tomettes
    • a finish in bricks molded hands apparent
    • A natural stone finish
    • A finish in earthenware…
  • The mass cooker
  • These are real mass stoves with the same characteristics. They are also very flexible:
    • In addition to heating the house, you can cook on it with large baking sheets (95 cm x 65 cm)
    • The heating power of the plates can be easily adjusted.
    • There is a real bread oven, entirely made of refractory bricks, which allows to cook pizzas breads, pies, cakes, roasts, poultry …
    • They can accommodate up to 2 meters of warm benches
    • They increase the reactivity thanks to the convective effect of the cooking plates
    • Their low height (between 0.86 and 0.92 cm) allows them to fit almost everywhere, without obstructing the eye or light and creates a link between kitchen and living room.
    • They give the household a real home around which family life takes place.
    • All surfaces of the stove are useful surfaces (worktop, cooking plates, benches, etc.). In summer, the top of the stove becomes a real worktop.

For more information on mass cookers, please contact me

  • Related services
    • Rehabilitation/creation of smoke ducts
    • Making kitchens and summer bread ovens
    • Making professional bread ovens
    • Wood dryers