Budget and financial aid

Price of a stove or stove

The minimum price of a custom stove or stove is 14,000 euros HT. It is necessary to carry out a study of your project to give you a specific price. My prices are calculated on the basis of the cost of the materials and the hours needed to design and build your stove. The cost of implementation depends on many factors:

  • the maximum power of the stove: from 160 W to 16 kW.
  • mass: from 1 to more than 10 tons.
  • The radiant outdoor surface: 4 to 25 square meters.
  • The shape of the stove
  • The quantity and nature of materials
  • The number of additional features you choose
  • The aesthetics of the stove: earthenware, natural stones, plasters, baked bricks…
  • The conditions of access to the site
  • Our travels
  • Distances for deliveries

You will find additional information on the construction steps. Please contact us directly so we can study your project.

Ancillary costs

Ancillary costs may be added to the construction of the stove:

  • Strengthening the slab

A masonry mass stove that can provide permanent thermal comfort with a single daily fire must weigh at least 2.5 tons, so make sure that the slab on which it rests will withstand. We will accompany you to have this validated with a specialized design office (type structure or control) or with your mason.

  • Upgrading the smoke duct, or creating a smoke duct

It's something that happens regularly. A quality smoke vent (or chimney) is a very important point in the success of your project:

  • The duct ensures your safety: it is fireproof and is waterproof to prevent fumes from polluting the atmosphere of your home.
  • The duct is the engine of your stove (or your boiler as well). The power of the chimney is measured in Easter (Pa), we speak of "drawing" of the chimney. The power of this engine adapts to your heater: to increase the power of a stove, you increase the draw of the duct by increasing its diameter or height and vice versa. Each stove is calculated to ensure proper operation with your fireplace and to have a clean combustion.

The duct must be validated by a licensed and professional chimney sweeper before the stove is built. We are pans and chimney sweepers, so we are able to realize and validate your duct ourselves. You can also use a more local chimney sweep. Addresses can be find in the "professional partners" section.

  • Creating openings on the ground floor

A mass stove radiates much better in large spaces than in very partitioned spaces. The creation of openings is therefore sometimes necessary for thermal reasons, and at the same time brings you more freedom of movement and more light in the house.


Mass stoves save money because:

  • Wood energy is the cheapest and most stable energy (see code below)
  • They have a high useful yield
  • Compared to other wood heaters, their soft radiant heat reduces the final consumption: with radiant heating, the feeling of comfort is reached at lower temperatures than with convective heating. This saving is estimated at between 15 and 25% according to the studies.
  • They are designed to last a very long time. By respecting the manual, the return on investment becomes very important.
  • They have a hot food oven all day without the electric meter running or the gas cylinder emptying.

However, financial savings vary widely depending on the case. The return on investment can be from 5 years (see the testimony of Paul and Kirsten) to more than 30 years (see Thomas' testimony). Experience shows that a stove in addition to an oil boiler can divide its bill by three, and divide it by two instead of a traditional wood stove.

Changes in the full price (taxes and subscription included if applicable) of one kWh depending on the energy used between 2003 and 2015.

Changes in energy prices in France from 2003 to 2015

Source: http://www.quelleenergie.fr/prix-energie

Financial aid

I am a craftsman Recognized Guarantor of the Environment: RGE. You can benefit from the tax credit. Here is my certificate qualibois air 2015.

Our stoves meet the criteria set out in the tax code.

List of aids available in 2015.