Photo Gallery AFEUXDOUX

See in-progress stoves

I suggest you discover stoves and mass stoves in operation. My customers, owners of stoves, enjoyed being able to visit stoves before making their purchase decision. They will be delighted to receive you within their availability. This is your chance to talk to them and ask them any questions you want. This visit is possible after pre-study of your project. Please contact me to present your project.

Poele-mass cooker double focus

Poele-mass cooker double focus coated, Allier

6kW mass stove

Coated mass stove, Doubs

Stage 11 of construction of a mass stove

Coated mass poele, Isère

6kW Mass Poele, Ardèche

Coated mass poele, Ardè


4.5 kW mass poele, Isère

Mass poele in exposed bricks, Is


Mass poele in exposed bricks

Mass poele in exposed bricks, Britt



5 kw mass stove, Voreppe, Isère

ated mass stove, Isèr



Mass poele in exposed bricks

ass poele in exposed bricks


Poele-mass cooker double focus

Double-focus mass stove, Allier

Mass stove

ed mass stove, Ardèche

6kw mass stove

ated mass stove, Doubs